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Abundant, voluminous, long, shiny, full and  luscious eyelashes are something to be desired. A gorgeous set of lashes makes us feel beautiful, desirable, and youthful.  Not everyone has a great set of lashes to work with. We have lashes that break or fall and while it is nice to make a wish on an eyelash what we really want is for them to stay put.

What You May Have Tried

We resort to mascaras that promise full, beautiful lashes but these only offer a temporary solution. Maybe you have found yourself with the tedious task of trying to put on those frustrating eyelash extensions when you are in a hurry, only to go through the pain of taking them off a few hours later. You may have tried some home remedies like brushing your eyelashes (which is great but who really has the time to remember to brush their eyelashes when you got to brush your hair too!) On the other end of the spectrum, you may have tried some of the popular eyelash growth serums, only to find yourself in a predicament with either little to no results, or irritated and dry skin.  Been there, done that, so let us talk about how to grow those lashes in a safe and easy manner.

Be wary of Products with Unsafe Ingredients

While many serums boast dramatic results many of these are not medically verified or tested.  Some of these serums deliver long, luscious lashes but they also leave you with irritated the skin and make matters worse. In your journey to gorgeous lashes don’t settle for junk. When all else fails, be wary of serums containing  prostaglandin analogues. These are chemicals that have been known to cause dry-eye and other harmful effects. What consumers do not realize is that this ingredient surely helps lashes grow long and fast, but prostaglandin analogues cause inflammation of the lacrimal gland (they are the ones responsible for water production and tears in your eyes) and therefore interrupt the production of tears. Furthermore, this ingredient has been known to cause darkening of the iris, retinal swelling, and blurry vision. Why compromise your eye’s health with big name brands and harmful ingredients when you can have quality in your beauty repertoire? Opt for a quality serum without the harsh ingredients.

A High Quality Serum

DermalMD’s Eyelash Growth Serum is something to get excited about because of it’s effectiveness to help you grow and maintain abundant eyelashes. It has the ability to safely deliver not only beautiful voluminous lashes but it also helps to fortify them so they do not get damaged.  Here are the three things we love about this eyelash serum; First of all, their product is backed by research and medically verified and confirmed to help you grow those lashes you dream of. Secondly, the ingredients in the serum are safe to use and will not cause damage to your lashes or irritate your skin (dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested).  Lastly, with this serum a little bit goes a long way and you do not have to apply a ton of it to get results. Read more about this fantastic eyelash growth serum by visiting https://dermalmd.com/product/eyelash-growth-serum/

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