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Having a youthful, healthy, and well-rested appearance can be challenging. . In a perfect world, we would all be able to relax often, but lets face it, it is a fast moving lifestyle that we live in with little time for self-care. You have probably found yourself looking into the mirror and wondering how you aged so quickly. Beautiful skin helps us look young and beautiful so it is no surprise that when we spot those dark circles under our eyes we start to feel old and run down.

How Dark Circles Develop

Swollen blood vessels, reduced collagen production and damage to the skin are what give our skin that unhealthy look. They lead to to those unsightly puffy eyes and with time, our faces look less young because there is no adequate blood flow under the skin. Factors such as like stress, not enough rest, our diets, habits, and even some of the cosmetic products we use have an effect on the way we look. If you think about it, these are a product of our busy and fast-paced lives. The amount of time for self-care and prevention is often so miniscule that by the time we take a good look in the mirror the dark circles are staring right back at us. Even if you do have some time for self-care and a beauty regimen, it does not stop there. Allergies and other products can cause the puffiness and redness that makes us look tired and run down.

Tried and Failed

You have probably tried to conceal your dark circles with foundation or other cosmetic product, but at the end of the day, as soon as that make up washes away you are still left with your dull, tired, and frankly run-down appearance. While foundation and make-up is a quick fix, in the long run it will not do anything for you and what is even worse is that some may even bring about allergies and worsen the appearance of dark circles. You might have tried other serums out there promising to make dark circles disappear. While these are enough to make us feel optimistic, they only end up drying your skin and damaging your skin. Other harmful solutions include bleaching your skin to reduce the dark appearance and although your skin looks brighter, the chemicals are causing further damage to your skin cells.

DermalMD is One Step Above the Rest

DermalMD makes a phenomenal under eye serum to help treat dark circles under the eyes and help reduce their appearance. What makes their product so remarkable is that rather than superficially treating the problem, it is working at the cellular level. DermalMD understands the root cause of dark circles under the eyes and was able to formulate a serum for lasting results so that we can have that youthful and well-rested look. They have lots of useful information about their serum and examples of how their serum has helped others. You can read more about DermalMD Under Eye Treatment by visiting

Additional Ways You can Help Reduce Dark Circles

Once you have a serum like DermalMD’s Under Eye Treatment Serum and you are using it regularly, take your results to a whole new level by implementing some self-care. You can try simple things like taking a few minutes to close your eyes and relax. You can place sliced cucumbers over your eyelids for hydration, and to reduce puffiness. If you don’t have cucumbers you can always try putting a cold moist towel over your eyes to help your skin relax.

By taking the time to find a quality product, and implementing a few simple self-care techniques, you can take matters into your own hands. Looking well-rested and healthy does not have to be complicated.

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