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When someone gets a scar, the horror is imminent. Most people have the conviction that having a scar is for life and there are no alternatives nor any valid solutions. Effectively, these people spend their lives with the scars in question, mainly because they didn’t act on time or using the right techniques and products.

However, the reality is different. Scars may be permanent in many cases but this isn’t an absolute and irrevocable mandate. There are options for all of us.

Realize That Scars Are Something Natural

You need to understand the enemy if you want to beat him. People often see scars as something external, not proper or natural to our bodies. Truth be told, scarring is a natural process within the body, something that helps the body to heal itself after a receiving direct damage to the tissue.

Tissue repairs itself. Of course, it receives help from proteins like collagen and elastin, but the process occurs every single time, especially on healthy skin.

The Time We Have to Act

Now, there is a higher chance of getting our scars permanent when we don’t take action within the first two years after the incident. If you receive an injury and wait more than two years to treat your scar, you’ll probably have it for life.

While this sounds terrible, it also means that people who act swiftly will have a solid opportunity to make the scar disappear, even in dramatic scenarios.

Some Will Go Naturally, Others Don’t

As a part of the healing process, scars also blend with healthy skin and disappear over time. In fact, there are many scars that go away naturally within those two years and without external agents like creams and serums.

As expected, this will be defined by two things: genetics and how bad the scar is. Some people have outstandingly healthy skin, probably as the result of the genetic lottery. These people enjoy extraordinary tissue regeneration, leaving scars behind without even paying attention. Then we have how bad the scar is. Of course, big and deep scars, results of dramatic injuries, will not go away by themselves.

The Environment Makes It Worst

If you don’t know already that the sun makes the whole situation worse for the skin, you haven’t been paying enough attention. The radiation that comes from the sun is one of the biggest enemies of the skin. Yes, healthy doses are needed to maintain good levels of vitamin D. But abusive doses of UV rays are terrible for the skin.

In the particular case of scars, the sun doesn’t help too much. In fact, people who desire to improve their scars and make them go away should avoid direct contact with the sun on the skin’s affected areas.

Making Good Use of the Right Options

If you don’t enjoy the genetic advantage, you will need some help. There are many products for scar treatment out there but only a handful can do the job. The reason behind this is that not all products point out in the right direction.

As we mentioned before, collagen and elastin are paramount in this process. If the product doesn’t focus on this, improvements are unlikely. The Scar Serum from Dermal MD doesn’t only treat existing scars but also prevent them when used properly. This product erases scars by stimulating the natural production of these proteins and adding other fundamental nutrients, like vitamins and antioxidants while removing dead cells.

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