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Fighting Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

DermalMD Jan 31, 2018 Childbirth Medicinal Plant Skin Condition Stretch Marks 0 Comments Posted in: Skin Conditions, Uncategorized

We all know how much pregnant women worry about stretch marks. While having a baby is a blessing, a very special and defining moment in any person’s lifetime, dramatic changes in the body continue to be an issue that upsets many women. One of this changes is stretch marks. These off-color marks are the result of the dermis' tearing. During pregnancy, th /...

Are Scars Really Permanent?

DermalMD Jan 25, 2018 Healing Process Injuries Scars 0 Comments Posted in: Skin Conditions, Uncategorized

When someone gets a scar, the horror is imminent. Most people have the conviction that having a scar is for life and there are no alternatives nor any valid solutions. Effectively, these people spend their lives with the scars in question, mainly because they didn’t act on time or using the right techniques and products. However, the reality is differen /...

How to Get Rid of Cellulite: What Are Your Options?

DermalMD Jan 18, 2018 Cellulite Detox Skin Condition 0 Comments Posted in: Skin Conditions, Uncategorized

When it comes to aesthetics, one of the things that worry the most is cellulite. There are countless women (and some men as well) suffering from cellulite on their tights, abs, lower back, and arms. This is an issue that gets directly into conflict with modern standards of beauty. However, this isn’t the main reason why people should worry about celluli /...

The Myth of Acne and Having a Healthy Skin

DermalMD Jan 10, 2018 Acne Causes and Symptoms Skin Condition 0 Comments Posted in: Skin Conditions, Uncategorized

Having a healthy skin may sound easy but it implies many challenges, especially when it comes to the face. The skin on our faces is notably different, having particular characteristics that we don’t find in other areas of our bodies. One of these features is the abundant sebaceous glands that exist to naturally maintain the skin moist and well oiled. Ho /...

How to Get a Lighter Skin in Safe and Healthy Fashion?

DermalMD Dec 9, 2017 Fruits Lighter Skin 0 Comments Posted in: Skin Conditions, Uncategorized

Getting a lighter skin, free of dark spots while enjoying a gorgeous glow, is something that both men and women desire. They want to feel younger and better looking and having a lighter skin is a solid way to achieve just that. However, there are many reasons behind why people can’t enjoy a beautiful, light skin. Achieving a flawless, spot-free skin is /...

Understanding Psoriasis: What Is It and Why It Does Occur?

DermalMD Nov 26, 2017 Causes and Symptoms Psoriasis Skin Condition 0 Comments Posted in: Skin Conditions, Uncategorized

Psoriasis is one of the most annoying and dreadful skin diseases we could suffer. While it’s true that this skin condition is not dangerous nor leads to life-threatening diseases, suffering from any of its multiple variants can exponentially decrease the patient’s life quality. As a health condition, psoriasis is relatively common. However, most peopl /...

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