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They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. The world is constantly judging the way we look, talk, walk, dress, our mannerisms, pretty much everything about us. Often times our faces are the first thing we notice about each other and that’s why it is such a sensitive subject. If yours is covered in blemishes and acne then it is especially difficult because acne it can makes you feel unpresentable, unattractive, and less confident. In hopes of making it go away you try concealing it with makeup, concoction after concoction of home remedies, dieting, and treatments that promise fast results but are just brutal on our skin but it just keeps coming back. The truth is to get that clear and happy face you have to have right combination of self-care, and a product that works with your skin vs something that will only continue to trigger those unsightly marks.

What is Acne and where does it come from?

Acne is a very common skin condition marked by blemishes of the face. Acne happens when the pores of your skin get clogged with oil, dead skin, pollutants. We shed dead skin all the time, but sometimes when your body produces too much sebum oil then it make makes it hard for those dead skin cell particles to exit the pore. This pore then becomes the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria to thrive. With this excess of bacteria the skin then becomes inflamed and as if gets worse, you get those infamous bumps on your face. When left untreated or in severe cases acne can leave us with deep scars and damaged skin.

While some people like to blame the foods and pollutants in the air, we can thank the hormones in our bodies for these atrocious blemishes. Much research suggests that an imbalance in hormones is what brings the onset of acne. While acne is very common in teenagers thanks to their “raging hormones” it is also pretty common to see acne affecting young adults and even older adults, especially women.

Prepare for Battle by Implementing Proper Self-Care and Hygiene

A little self-care goes a long way. We are always told to wash our hands to keep the germs away, and the same holds true for our faces. Make-up residue, pollutants in the air, oil and bacteria from our hands, these are just some of the things that go into our pores when we touch our face. Washing your face helps to cleanse and give your face a fresh start and finish. Protecting your skin from sun exposure is also important; with this in mind it is good practice to avoid sun exposure when the sun is strongest, such as the late morning and early afternoon hours. Another way to implement self-care is to hydrate and this is so important. Hydrating helps to promote a good PH balance in your skin and your skin thrives on being properly hydrated, after all our bodies are mostly made of water and need it to function properly.

Winning the Battle with the right Skin-Care Regimen

Self-Care and good hygiene lay the foundation for fighting blemishes and acne but it does not stop there. These are just half-of the battle. The second part to fighting the awful blemishes and acne is by finding a great product for your skin-care regiment. There are so many products out there that temporarily reduce the appearance of blemishes and acne but are harsh for your skin. Some don’t really work in the long run and instead make matters worse by fostering terrible skin conditions. DermalMD has a blemish serum in their line of products that focuses on eradicating and preventing blemishes. This product is wonderful for those suffering blemishes and acne because it does not dry your skin like other products. Instead, this serum helps reduce the unhealthy bacteria in the skin and replenish nutrients with natural ingredients. Another reason this treatment is so effective is because it also helps to increase the production of collagen and reducing the appearance of scars on the skin. To learn more about DermalMD’s Blemish Serum you can visit their product page

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