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Our skin is truly a remarkable part of our body. It acts as a barrier protecting us from germs, toxins, the world around us, the cold and even harmful sun rays. Our skin is amazing because it helps regulate our body temperature and it serves so many functions. One remarkable ability is for skin to heal in order to keep protecting us. This is where scars come in. It is that different (and for some unsightly) looking skin that results from your body’s efforts to continue protecting us from germs and other harmful things. Skin is flexible and can stretch and do so many things for us but it’s ability to recover is not always possible because its cells regenerate at a much slower rate than the rest of our body. With this in mind, it is no wonder scars can feel so permanent.

Where Do Scars Come From?

If you have had a surgery, trauma, or accidental cut to your skin, then it is very likely you have scarring as a result of that occurrence. For some people scars are a reminder of an experience in their life, warranting many stories. For others it is unsightly and getting in their way of their sense of beauty, especially when it is on a noticeable part of the body. No matter the reason, they are pretty permanent but you can get really close by diminishing their appearance. So do scars ever go away? Sadly they do not.

Scars happen as a result of your skin trying to repair itself from trauma to the skin. Our body tries to form new collagen fibers to mend the damage.Whether you have had surgery or accidental trauma to the skin your skin cells will be hard at work to help the tissues reconnect and recover. You’ll notice after such trauma that a scab may form in place of the injured area. It temporarily serves as a way of protecting our body from germs. Eventually it dries and falls off and you are left with a scar. Scars can be pink, brown, or even silver in color and may feel different too!

Skin Deep Solution to Scars

Let’s face it, when it comes to scars, if you are trying to hide them make-up is just not going to cut it. A lot of the times these temporary fixes end up worsening our skin. Many treatments are either abrasive on the skin or just overall ineffective. The problem with scars is that is goes beyond the surface of your skin. It is about the cells that are hard at work producing collagen and elastin to help with recovery. One treatment has been found to be very effective in diminishing scars by working beneath the surface by encouraging the production of collagen, elastin and helping to replace dead and unhealthy skin cells: DermalMD Scar Serum.

DermalMD Scar Serum

Although not mentioned in commercials or seen in store shelves, DermalMD Scar Serum is truly a step about the rest for its effective and innovative ways of helping to treat scars without harmful ingredients. With consistent use it will help produce collagen and elastin cells (the ones responsible for helping your skin bounce back, stretch, and look healthy). Another great component about this scar serum is that it helps to reduce inflammation which is often why you notice that scarring has a different color to it. It is a much safer alternative and will not cause additional harm to your recovering skin. You can read more about their product and order by visiting the product page here.


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