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For psoriasis patients, this is an extremely difficult and uncomfortable situation to be in. This skin disease makes life stressful. Many who suffer it also are victims of anxiety, coming as the results of its symptoms.

However, psoriasis has more than a single cure. This skin condition is fully curable, and the resources are at hand. Today, we’ll talk about how to treat psoriasis in a highly effective way, going straight to its key aspects.

Affected Areas and Types

First, we must take into account the different types of psoriasis that people can suffer, alongside with those areas that suffer the most.

Plaque psoriasis is the most common among all types and is characterized by red patches on the skin. These are inflamed are appear mostly on the elbows and knees.

Pustular psoriasis is defined by white inflamed blisters that contain pus. Fortunately, they appear in smaller areas. The gluttate type, which is often considered as exclusive for children, is defined by pink spots that cause fewer problems. Finally, inverse psoriasis occurs in very uncomfortable places like under the armpits, the groin, or around the genitals.

Hydration and Moisturizers

If we let our skin to go dry, we are creating the perfect conditions for a case of psoriasis. Instead, we must protect our skin from this condition by keeping it always hydrated.

The first thing is consuming enough water during the day. This is the quintessential liquid that our body cannot live without. Skin uses water to keep moist at optimum levels. Nonetheless, sometimes this isn’t enough. We should add a quality moisturizer to our daily routine, guaranteeing the best possible results.

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Intake

When it comes to psoriasis, our diet is directly linked. If we have bad eating habits, our body will be always exposed to suffering conditions like psoriasis. However, instead of talking about eating clean, we will recommend focusing on a particular nutrient.

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid. The word “essential” means that the body cannot produce it like it does with other fatty acids. So, we have to “manually” add it to our organism by being conscious of our diet. What this nutrient does is to control inflammation levels in the body.

When it comes to omega-3, we can increase its intake by choosing more fish over red meats. Most nuts we have at the supermarket have considerable amounts of omega-3, making them a great snack. Supplements like fish oils are fantastic and offer concentrated quantities.

Choose a Reliable Serum

Psoriasis is serious. Once you got it, you need reliable resources that attack the problem with full force. Top-grade serums are a fantastic option to fight psoriasis. These products treat the causes of the problem and do it fast.

At DermalMD, our own Psoriasis Serum has brought outstanding results to our clients by providing the right nutrients in the right formula. This serum treats existing plaques, reducing them in size and severity until they are gone.

In the meanwhile, the skin gets healthily moisturized and inflammation goes down. By providing a strong cocktail of nutrients, the serum prevents irritation, redness, scaling, and dryness, which leads to the subsequent disappearance of psoriasis.

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