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For rosacea patients, looking for an answer could be as frustrating as the condition itself. This is a strange disease. However, what is even stranger is the fact that doctors have no clear answers to solve the problem. This can easily lead to frustration and emotional distress, making the problem worse.

At DermalMD, we want to shed some light on this issue and help our readers. That’s why today we’ll talk about how to cure rosacea. But first, we must provide an overview of this condition.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition that occurs almost exclusively on the face. Symptoms are quite varied, coming in many shapes. The foremost symptom, the one that happens in every single case, is redness and swelling. This swelling can be more or less severe, depending on the blood vessels’ damage.

The broken blood vessels lead to severe swelling and even pain. Pores exponentially increase in size, becoming visible at distance. Acne may occur, aggravating the issue further. The most severe cases present a swollen nose, leading to deformation in the long term, especially when the patient does nothing about it.

Known Causes

There is bad news: modern medicine ignores the real causes of rosacea. Doctors handle some hypothesis and strong ideas about what leads to this uncomfortable condition. Besides genetics, which isn’t a very satisfying answer, doctors believe that rosacea occurs when blood vessels on the face suffer substantial damage. Sun damage and burns can damage blood vessels.

Other theories blame the existence of the H. pylori bacteria, which lives in the gut. It seems like this bacteria type increases the production of gastrin, a digestive hormonal. As a direct result, the skin becomes unnaturally red.

Being white, a woman, or being beyond 30 years old are known risk factors for rosacea, meaning that people with these characteristics should adopt a preventive mindset when possible.

Treating the Disease

When it comes to rosacea, patients should act fast. With the first symptoms at sight, taking action becomes paramount. Without proper care, the condition can get worse quickly. Here you have some key recommendations.

Prescribed Medicine

Going to the doctor is recommended after the symptoms are detected. He or she will be able to prescribe medicines as metronidazole, doxycycline, brimonidine, isotretinoin, and others. Not all the formulas out there are functional for any patient. This means that the doctor needs to diagnose the case and determine what is best.

Sun Protection

As we mentioned before, doctors believe that rosacea comes as the result of blood vessels’ damage. Such damage can be caused by over-exposure to sunlight or poor preventive measures. Therefore, it’s paramount to be careful from now on.

First, avoid when possible being in direct contact with sunlight, especially during the brightest hours of the day. Then, every time you are going outside, apply sun protector on the skin, guaranteeing a protective shield.

High-End Serum

In the last few decades, serums have been critically acclaimed by dermatologists due to their effectiveness. In the case of rosacea, there are fantastic serums available. One of them is the high-end Rosacea Treatment serum from DermalMD.

This serum packs potent ingredients as aloe vera, yarrow extract, lavender extract, Roman chamomile extract, green tea, apple cider vinegar, and others, ingredients that guarantee an effective chemical-free cocktail that will nurture the skin, improve blood circulation, heal blood vessels, reduce inflammation, kill bacteria, and fade that redness that characterizes rosacea.

Our clients are pleased with the provided results. The Rosacea Treatment serum guarantees through its remarkable formula the results that the patients are expecting. Experience yourself what this serum can do for your skin and leave behind the pain and suffering caused by rosacea.

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