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Stretch marks are a common occurrence for both males and females. They typically show up in areas of the body that are prone to rapid growth such as our thighs, breasts, arms, abdominal area and buttocks. Stretch marks typically look like lines or grooves on our skin, making it look scarred and uneven. Many people wish they would just disappear but do not realize they are treatable.

Understanding Stretch Marks

Our bodies naturally produce elastin and collagen, proteins that  help the skin look smooth and regenerate the connective tissues. They are what give our skin its young and radiant appearance. Naturally our skin has the ability to stretch and go back into place but when there is a big change such as with rapid weight gain, rapid growth, or after pregnancy it is unable to return to it’s normal state as easily. When skin is stretched beyond its limit that’s when stretch marks develop. They can wreck havoc on our skin and make it challenging for us to be comfortable with the way we look.

Often times our stretch marks stand out so much that they can make us feel like they will never go away and further making us feel self-conscious about out body.  It is not impossible to treat them; it a matter of taking charge of the situation. Now that we know how these marks make their way on the skin, we can take a look at how to get rid of stretch marks. Here are some things you can do!

Apply DermalMD’s Stretch Mark Serum Regularly

DermalMD’s Stretch Mark Serum is an effective and safe product to use for reducing and treating stretch marks. It is like a well-kept secret and a great first step to take on your stretch mark journey. This serum is phenomenal because it works at the cellular level (unlike other products that simply try to cover up the stretch marks). Unlike other products this one works with your cells to encourage the production of elastin and collagen and nourish those cells that are hard at work. It is so simple to use and brings lasting results for your stretch mark affected skin. Check out their serum by visiting their product page at

If you are lucky you will catch this fantastic product on sale (what better way to try it out?).

Keep your skin Moisturized

Once you have DermalMD’s Stretch Mark Serum working with your skin don’t forget to moisturize your skin in addition to your treatment. Simple home remedies can help you keep your skin looking healthy as DermalMD’s Serum does the rest.  Applying soothing aloe helps to protect your ever changing skin. Aloe has great properties for helping your skin heal and keep moisturized. Coconut oil has great nourishing properties as it helps to delay wrinkles. You can do simple research to find other great ways to moisturize and nourish your skin at home.

Eating Healthy and Exercise

Make sure to treat your body well by eating healthy and drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Your body needs nutrient-rich foods to help nourish your cells and body.

Additionally,  make the time to exercise. This will help keep your blood circulating and of course maintaining a healthy weight. Even simple things like taking a walk is a great step toward safeguarding from stretch marks. Eating the right foods and regular exercise will help the damaged tissues heal and contribute to your overall health.

In no time you will be on your way to soft skin and less self-conscious moments in front of the mirror.



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