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Do Scars Ever Go Away?

DermalMD Jun 12, 2018 Collagen Production DermalMD DermalMD Scar Serum Effective Elastin Healing Skin Safe Scars Skin Health Skin Product Skin Protection Tissue 0 Comments Posted in: Uncategorized

Our skin is truly a remarkable part of our body. It acts as a barrier protecting us from germs, toxins, the world around us, the cold and even harmful sun rays. Our skin is amazing because it helps regulate our body temperature and it serves so many functions. One remarkable ability is for skin to heal in order to keep protecting us. This is where scars co /...

Are Scars Really Permanent?

DermalMD Jan 25, 2018 Healing Process Injuries Scars 0 Comments Posted in: Skin Conditions, Uncategorized

When someone gets a scar, the horror is imminent. Most people have the conviction that having a scar is for life and there are no alternatives nor any valid solutions. Effectively, these people spend their lives with the scars in question, mainly because they didn’t act on time or using the right techniques and products. However, the reality is differen /...

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