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How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

DermalMD May 9, 2018 DermalMD Post Pregnancy Rapid Weight Gainm Rapid Weight Loss Skin Care Skin Elasticity Stretch Mark Serum Stretch Marks Treatment 0 Comments Posted in: Uncategorized

Stretch marks are a common occurrence for both males and females. They typically show up in areas of the body that are prone to rapid growth such as our thighs, breasts, arms, abdominal area and buttocks. Stretch marks typically look like lines or grooves on our skin, making it look scarred and uneven. Many people wish they would just disappear but do not /...

Helping your Skin Recover from Stretch Marks

DermalMD Apr 9, 2018 DermalMD DermalMD Stretch Mark Serum Post Natal Stretch Mark Treatment Stretch Marks Treating Stretch Marks without Injections Ways to Reduce Stretch Marks 0 Comments Posted in: Uncategorized

Stretch Marks; those unsightly lines that plague our skin like a network of static electric lines that just won't go away. They are such a dilemma because it seems like no matter what you do to try and make them go away they are stuck in place like a bad tattoo and always teasing you when you  just want to look your best. It can often make you feel self-c /...

Fighting Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

DermalMD Jan 31, 2018 Childbirth Medicinal Plant Skin Condition Stretch Marks 0 Comments Posted in: Skin Conditions, Uncategorized

We all know how much pregnant women worry about stretch marks. While having a baby is a blessing, a very special and defining moment in any person’s lifetime, dramatic changes in the body continue to be an issue that upsets many women. One of this changes is stretch marks. These off-color marks are the result of the dermis' tearing. During pregnancy, th /...

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