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Whether you’ve seen the commercials or are currently a victim of psoriasis, one thing is for sure, it is frustrating and uncomfortable to live with the symptoms. You might find yourself defeated, helpless, hopeless, and unattractive. No one should have to feel this way about themselves and this is why it is important to understand how psoriasis affects us, what triggers our symptoms, and great ways to take charge of it so that is does not define us.

Understanding Psoriasis and the Underlying Causes

Psoriasis is believed to derive from an overactive immune system. When your immune system sends faulty signals, it wrongfully tells your skin cells to grow at a much faster rate. Cytokines are substances that your immune cells release and send the message to over produce skin cells. Since the body cannot keep up with this overactive response, it cannot shed the skin fast enough and therefore becomes inflamed and it all piles up. Because of this uncontrolled production, they create scales or plaque hence why psoriasis is sometimes referred to as plaque psoriasis (the most common type of psoriasis). Another type of psoriasis is called pustular psoriasis and is marked by large blister-like areas filled with liquid in a general area of the skin. Guttate psoriasis affects your torso and face and though not as red or scaly as plaque psoriasis it often looks like droplets on your skin. Inverse psoriasis affects areas such as your underarms, groin and other areas when your skin folds. Psoriasis can also affect the scalp and nails. The inflammation and  dryness often leads to itching, swelling, inflamed skin, redness, and pain. It is possible to obtain relief by tackling the dryness and inflammation.

Psoriasis is Beyond Skin-Deep

The effects of living with psoriasis spans beyond the skin but at a much deeper level. Many studies suggest that psoriasis is linked to anxiety, depression, and poor sleep quality. Living with the symptoms are so uncomfortable and can make us feel so isolated to the point of feeling deep sadness and anxious about going out. Studies tell us that some of the same processes in your body that produce the scales or plaque can also alter the way the chemicals in our brains affect our mood. In other words, psoriasis affects the chemicals in your brain. Psoriasis has such a stronghold on peoples lives and this is why it is important to find a form of treatment that will help relieve the symptoms and seek professional help if you feel that it is affecting the way you function daily.

Being Conscious about your Psoriasis Triggers

Recognizing some of the triggers for psoriasis flare-ups is the next step in taking charge. To name a few, some of the triggers include the weather, stress, alcohol consumption, medications, infections and trauma to the skin. You can help to reduce the triggers by understanding when flare-ups are likely to return.


Stress is a big trigger for flare-up because it can cause our brain to send signals to our immune system. As if it is not stressful already having psoriasis, make a conscious effort to relax once in a while. Your body will thank you and those few minutes of down time will help refocus.

The Weather

Flare-ups are pretty common during cold and dry weather so be sure to moisturize often so that your skin does not dry out, and this will help reduce some of the uncomfortable itchiness. On the opposite end, some people have found relief for their flare-ups in warm and sunny weather which is most likely due to the skin producing much needed vitamin D when exposed to the sun (just be sure to use sunscreen to protect from harmful UV radiation and avoid being outdoors for a long period of time).

Alcohol and Smoking

Some research suggests that alcohol consumption and smoking can make symptoms worse or promote flare-ups. Additionally drinking and alcohol and smoking may decrease our recovery rate. Alcohol and Tobacco also makes medications ineffective leaving room for worsening symptoms.

Infections and Trauma to the Skin

Certain infections and trauma to the skin can cause flare-ups at the site. Infections can make it increasingly difficult for your immune system to keep up and may continue sending faulty signals.

Taking Charge with an Effective Treatment Serum

The Psoriasis Serum by DermalMD can help your take control of your psoriasis. It is a high-end treatment serum that understands the underlying causes of psoriasis making it an effective method for reducing the symptoms and appearance of this disease. There are psoriasis creams in the market but they only work on the surface. The great thing about the DermalMD serum is that it works on a deeper level and strives to reduce inflammation by creating a natural biochemical environment of the skin. Additionally it is made from natural ingredients and none of the synthetic fillers therefore providing added nutrients to your skin on a cellular level. The following link provides additional information about DermalMD Psoriasis Serum https://dermalmd.com/product/psoriasis/

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