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Having a healthy skin may sound easy but it implies many challenges, especially when it comes to the face. The skin on our faces is notably different, having particular characteristics that we don’t find in other areas of our bodies. One of these features is the abundant sebaceous glands that exist to naturally maintain the skin moist and well oiled.

However, these same glands are the root of a dramatic issue that we all have suffered from time to time: acne. Despite how common this problem is, there is a lot of ignorance regarding why it takes place and how to solve it.

Understanding Inflammation and Infection

Let’s begin with the very basics. Acne is a skin condition that occurs as a result of inflammation or infection (probably both in many cases) in sebaceous glands. This may happen for many different reasons. During the adolescence, these glands kick-start an elevated production of natural oil, which leads to obstruction of the pores.

When these pores become clogged, being natural conducts, oil cannot go out anymore and, in a mix of oil and bacteria, inflammation and infection occur. This means that acne doesn’t happen for no reason. In fact, reasons related to this scenario and many others are perfectly identified.

After the Teenage Years

Teenagers are the ideal victims of acne. As expected, one of their biggest wishes is having a healthy skin but in most cases, the reality goes in the opposite direction. Sebaceous glands become more active than ever before during the adolescence, increasing the chance of suffering acne. There is another reason why it’s so common during these years: hormonal disorders.

Many think that after these years of suffering, getting rid of acne will occur almost naturally and with no difficulty at all. However, this is not the case. Sebaceous glands continue to operate as before. Also, the hormonal factor may be present as well, especially in women.

Poor Hygiene and Its Consequences

We already mentioned the natural causes, oil super-production and hormones. However, there is a massive factor we cannot simply leave aside: hygiene. Cleaning the skin is necessary to keep it free of bacteria and other elements that may easily become the obstruction themselves.

A dirty skin is more exposed to suffer acne as bacteria is always present, inducing infections more often. That’s why people with poor hygiene habits find impossible to have a healthy skin, even way past the adolescence.

The Truth about Most Acne Treatments

The last part of the myth regarding acne is about treatments. While some believe that there are no effective treatments, others tend to think that everything works when used thoughtfully. Both mindsets are out of place. Effective treatments do exist but we need to be especially careful about our choices.

The Blemish Serum from DermalMD has its priorities straight. First, it’s all about preserving the right conditions on the skin, not inducing dryness or causing any damage, like other products actually do. Then it provides abundant nutrients that our skin needs to become stronger against potential inflammation and infection, also promoting collagen production. Finally, bacteria and skin damage goes away, getting rid of acne.

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