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Both men and women can be the victims of uneven skin tone. However, this issue is predominant among female patients, mainly because the hormonal disorders that come with pregnancy.

Hormonal disorders, sun damage, poor hydration, and some strong medications are behind uneven skin tone. This is a condition that creates massive stress due to its aesthetical implications, which seem hard to fight back.

Fortunately, there is plenty you can do. At DermalDM, we care about our customers and readers. That’s why today we’ll address six different tips to overcome this problem and get an even skin tone once again.

Take Action Against Sunlight

Most people are careless about sunlight and UV rays until the day they see the consequences. We recommend you to adopt a preventive mindset and protect yourself before the problem arises.

However, if you have spots and dark areas on your skin already, protecting it from the sun can enhance a healing process. Start by using quality sun protectors every day, even if you are planning to stay indoors.

Take Your Dose of Vitamin C and B3

On one side we have vitamin C, which directly helps with our skin tone while adding massive amounts of antioxidants. That’s why so many skincare products contain high doses of vitamin C: because it protects the skin from external agents.

And on the other side, vitamin B3 provides niacinamide to the skin. This nutrient is responsible for giving the skin a toned appearance, also helping with pigmentation.

Green Tea Directly on the Skin

Another pro tip we have for you is using bags of green tea directly on the skin. Of course, you must get the tea bag in boiling water and let it cool down before using it. Then, place the bag on the affected areas of the skin and let it act for 20 minutes.

The massive amounts of antioxidants in green tea will nourish the affected skin and promote healing at great speeds.

Exfoliating with Lemon Juice

Using natural, freshly-squeezed lemon juice is a widely popular way to treat our skin. When it comes to uneven skin tone, the same fix applies. Lemon juice is highly acidic, so it’s a powerful exfoliator from nature.

Apply it directly to the dark areas, leave it a few minutes, and clear with warm water. Be careful with this one, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Keep Yourself Hydrated All the Time

Many skin problems come from poor hydration. So, be a step ahead and keep yourself hydrated all day long. Have a glass of water every hour and don’t leave home without a bottle of fresh water. You will see the results on the skin after a while.

Accelerating the Results with a Proper Serum

In order to promote accelerated healing, using a specialized product is paramount. Here, our recommendation is the Even Tone Serum from DermalMD. Thanks to its powerful formula, this serum achieves to heal damaged skin and cure hyperpigmentation in less time.

Without using any hazardous synthetic ingredients, the Even Tone Serum accomplishes to promote healthy moisture and perfect skin tone by providing the needed nutrients. You can know more about this remarkable formula in this link.

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