Make Skin Lighter

Make Skin Lighter

The main focus of skin lightening is to get your skin back to its natural tone. Many factors get our skin away from that beautiful blemish-free skin tone we all had as a baby. Here is a guide on how to get that beautiful skin back.

Why do I need skin lightening?

Many people believe the misconception that skin lightening is for vain people. That’s not true anyway. All our skins were perfect when we were born, but things like inflammation, pollution, radicals, and skin damage have affected our skin as we grow up. Moreover, we all need to understand that lightening our skin is beneficial to us as it helps remove all these named blemishes. Therefore, we need to be cautious of products we use to lighten our skin like many products out there are dangerous to our skin.

How can I safely lighten my skin?

You can employ several natural methods if you are wary of beauty products. Our product is very safe as it is composed of natural, safe, and healthy ingredients; the focal point lead by honey. Honey is a great skin lightener. Why? Several plant matters, enzymes, and bacteria activities work to produce it. It is very active in skincare. It treats not only acne but also psoriasis and eczema. Raw honey helps balance skin bacteria rendering it an acne treatment. It increases the healing of the skin cells and reduces inflammation. Most importantly, it can naturally exfoliate your skin to give it a very healthy glow.

Also, shear butter is one of the best known and documented skin lightening ingredients. It improves the tone and texture of aging skin, makes it more youthful, and treats inflammation and soreness in acne-prone skin. It is highly rich in vitamin A, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties of fatty acids. The highly useful shear butter is the raw cold-pressed one, not the refined one.

Lemon juice, Coconut oil, milk, yogurt, Aloe Vera, vitamin A, B, C is also beneficial and safe to make skin lighter. Many beauty products neglect the use of these ingredients. However, please don’t panic; we are conscious of the need for a skin lightening product that is very safe and healthy to give you your perfect skin tone and texture.

We’ll like to take a diversion here and address the issue of loose vaginas. The myth in our society today is that promiscuous or aged women have loose vaginas. However, this is not true as a vagina has an elastic nature, and even after it expands to allow a baby (which is the peak size) to get out safely, it snaps back to a smaller size. Not necessarily the original size but significantly smaller as it was before making way for a baby. It may become slightly looser as you age or have children, but overall, the muscles expand and retract just like an accordion or a rubber band.

Vagina tightening

A tight vagina is not always a good thing as it can bring pain either during penetration or childbirth. Extremely tight vaginas can also be a sign of vaginismus (a treatable physical condition that brings pain anytime penetration occurs, either during sex, insertion of tampon, or speculum during the pelvic exam).

A loose vagina is also not a terrible thing as generally believed. Your vagina muscles expand naturally when you get aroused, prepared for intercourse or when you self-lubricate and stretch.  

One constant thing is that your vagina changes over time due to childbirth and age. Women who’ve had more than one vaginal birth or women approaching menopause naturally have a looser vagina.

What to do to strengthen your vaginal muscles

There are several things a woman can do to strengthen the vagina. These are;

  1. Vagina tightening exercises: pelvic or vagina exercises are a great way to achieve a tighter pelvic floor muscle. The muscle also, in turn, helps strengthen your bladder, rectum, small intestine, and uterus. It also helps treat mild urinary incontinence. Some of these Vaginal exercises are;
  • Kegel exercises: at least three sets of Kegels 5 to 10 times a day should bring a very much desired result. See tutorials on how to do Kegels
  • Pelvic tilt exercises: See tutorials on how to do pelvic tilt exercises
  1. Hormone treatments
  2. FemiLift vaginal tightening laser treatment
  3. Vagina tightening Home remedies: although it is strictly against advice to use this method, people from all over the world usually forsake the advice and use it anyway. Natural products like aloe vera, lemon juice, cucumber, garlic, yogurt, vinegar, etc., are being used. We strictly advise that you consult your GP or gynecologist before applying any of these home remedies to avoid vaginal diseases.

Have it in mind that a loose vagina is a myth and that no matter how loose it may seem today, it will automatically snap back to its original form.

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