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Article provided by: PA Clinical Network

Penn State Health Care Partners

Penn State Health Care Partners

The state of Pennsylvania has several health care partners who are composed of physicians committed to working together as a network of health care providers to give the most efficient care to patients.

Similar to Penn state health care partners, an integrated health care system in the south-central portion of Pennsylvania, there are other health care partner groups like the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED), which include not just physicians but also medical students. The goal is to provide aid from the healthcare professionals’ revenue to the medical equipment they use, as well as support to using the best healthcare facility.

Since it is an integrated health care system, networks similar to the Penn state health care partners work to help physicians carry out their best service to patients through continuing education, resources, and support.

It helps physicians to get some guidance in navigating the challenges of the health care system in the country. Physicians who are part of this integrated network believe patients deserve personalized care.

Who Belongs to Penn State Health Care Partners Group?

Just like in other states, Penn state health care partners group are composed of specialty, advanced practice, and primary care physicians. This may exist across hospitals or outpatient care locations in the state.

The services offered by partners may range from primary care to high-quality medical equipment or from laboratory tests to rehabilitation services. The main idea is for each specialist or care providers to come together in one network that will support the physicians and the patients.

 Penn state health care partners list over 1,200 primary care and advanced care clinicians. Across the state, the network employs over 19,000 workers.

Do Penn State Health Care Partners Group Offer Health Insurance?

Most networks of physicians in Pennsylvania, like the  Penn State health care partners group, may partner with medical insurance providers to make health management of patients easier. But insurance policies do not just cover patients. Even physicians who are part of the network enjoy discounted insurance services that are designed to address the needs of the profession.

For instance, in PAMED, they have partnered with Norcal Mutual, the Glatfelter Agency, and the Meadowbrook Insurance. PAMED endorses Norcal Mutual as a service provider to help physicians get professional liability insurance. The Glatfelter Agency, on the other hand, offers them with Medicare, life, group medical, and business insurance. Lastly, Meadowbrook Insurance handles workers compensation.

Should Physicians Work with Penn State Health Care Partners Group?

If a physician wants to have a community of like-minded practitioners who want to bring the best care to patients while ensuring that their skills are enhanced, Penn state health care partners groups are a good choice.

PAMED, for instance, exposes their members to other partners like county medical societies, the non-profit Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society, and the Pennsylvania Medical Political Action Committee or PAMPAC, among others.

They also offer a stable support system to guide physicians on regulatory compliance issues, reimbursement, and certification. They also have their own legal resource center where members are updated and guided on understanding medical-related legal issues.

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