Vaginal Tightening Serum

dermalmd 1002 Encourages healthy hormonal balance, Natural Vaginal Tightening Cream, Stimulates cells to produce collagen, Increases cells’ ability to create natural moisture and lubrication, reducing uncomfortable dryness. 100% Natural
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Vaginal Tightening Serum

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Many women are ashamed of their need for vaginal tightening. Stressors such as aging, menopause, and childbirth can damage and loosen tissues in our most private regions. While this is not often talked about, it is a prevalent problem. Luckily, there are scientifically proven ways to tighten vaginal tissues and restore a healthy tone to these areas.

 Vaginal looseness is often accompanied by dryness and a loss of pleasure in sexual activities. These symptoms occur together because the same changes in the skin cause them. DermalMD's Tightening Serum attacks the cellular changes that cause these unpleasant issues, restoring tight vaginal tissue that functions healthily.

Here are a few of the benefits of DermalMD's Tightening Serum:

  1. Encourages healthy hormonal balance to restore not just tightness but moisture and pleasurable sensation
  2. Stimulates cells to produce collagen, which gives a firm and youthful tone to the tissue
  3. Makes cell increase production of elastin, which causes tissue stretchy and elastic while increasing tightness
  4. Increases cells' ability to create natural moisture and lubrication, reducing uncomfortable dryness and increasing sexual pleasure
  5. Encourages a healthy immune system, preventing the infections and inflammation that often accompany vaginal atrophy
  6. Supplies antioxidants and other nutrients that promote healthy cell growth
  7. Moisturizes cells to create more smoothness and less discomfort

If you have struggled with these intimate issues, there is no reason to be ashamed. These changes to skin cells are not your fault. They occur as a normal by-product of aging, hormonal changes, and childbirth. However, you do not need to live with these problems.

Because of research in this area, we now know that vaginal cells, like all cells, age and suffer damage. This damage can be dealt with by addressing the underlying causes in the cells. Encouraging cells to make youthful biochemicals such as collagen and elastin while supplying the nutrients needed for healthy growth and elasticity will tighten the vagina while also supporting good health in that region. DermalMD's Tightening Serum will support healthy and normal cellular function in the vagina and other intimate areas to cure this embarrassing and painful problem.

*Contains a proprietary synergistic blend of extracts that will shrink the Labia Majora and Vulva over time.This means your vaginal lips will look smaller, and your vagina will be noticeably tighter. Your serum contains the maximum strength of ingredients making it highly potent and effective.