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Scars are often the subject of attention. Sometimes they make for great stories of a gnarly surgery or adventure, but for many they are unsightly and unwanted and can feel permanent. Scars are definitely something to be rid of especially if your goal is to have flawless skin. While there are many methods to reducing the appearance of scars, not all approaches are safe  or effective and some are just expensive and painful. In order to move past the scars lets talk about how they develop and what makes them so difficult to get rid of. We will also explore some techniques out there.

Understanding Scars and Why They Feel Permanent

So it is no surprise that scars happen when the dermis (the thick, deep layer of our skin) gets damaged. This may happen due to a surgery, disease, skin conditions or trauma to the skin. Naturally your body will start producing collagen fibers to help repair the damage and the result is a scar. This collagen production is a good thing, but when you have larger damage to the dermis, your body will produce too many collagen fibers and this is when you get those very obvious and raised scars. The end result is skin tissue that feels and looks different.

Different Approaches to Scar Treatment

There are several approaches to treating scars but some of these are either painful, expensive, or downright ineffective. Let’s talk about a few.


Surgery can be used to change the shape of the scar but it will not necessarily remove it, and it is not a recommended treatment for raised scars.


In this form of treatment you have steroid injections and filler injections. Steroid injections are used to help flatten the scar. This is most prominent approach for those raised scars. Filler injections do just the opposite. Instead of helping to flatten raised scars, they help to fill sunken scars. This method is not only temporary but you have to repeat it regularly and therefore not cost effective.

Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion

These methods just sound painful in themselves. With dermabrasion special equipment is used to remove the surface of the skin to help even out the appearance of the scar tissue. It is often used when you have raised and sunken scars. On the other hand, microdermabrasion uses a similar technique though not as invasive.


This technique involves poking the tissue in order to stimulate the production of collagen. With this method you can also introduce collagen stimulators and other products.

Topical Treatments

The least painful approach to treating scars are topical treatments. These are products typically sold over the counter and at stores. Such skin care products contain vitamin E oils and other ingredients to help heal scars. However not all treatments are effective and some just end up drying your face or damaging skin cells further.

Effective Scar Treatment Without the Pain

Most of the treatment methods previously mentioned are invasive, painful, and expensive. They don’t always provide a permanent solution. Why would anyone want to go through so much just to look flawless when you can have a painless treatment option with DermalMD? DermalMD makes a high quality serum specially formulated to erase and prevent scars. What makes it effective is that it works on the cellular level to help nourish cells to boost elastin cells, and replace unhealthy scar tissue. It works on so many levels because you have ingredients with healing properties. The nice thing is that you do not have to go through all the pain of surgery and injections. With regular use it is truly an effective means for eliminating scars.

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