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Women have such remarkable bodies. They are able to carry and nurture another human being. Their body can expand and accommodate such a big change. These big miracles also create big changes for a woman’s body, especially for their vagina. It is both a life force and a means for intimacy and therefore it is important to keep it in tip top shape. One of the most common occurrences after childbirth (aside from stretch marks of course) is a change in vaginal tightness. This subject is often a sensitive one because it is personal and often embarrassing to deal with. It can put a damper in the way you perceive your sexiness and desirability and it can change the way you or your partner experience intercourse.

How Childbirth Affects Our Vagina

One of the obvious ways that pregnancy and childbirth affect our vagina is the obvious looseness that ensues. Surely the vagina is capable of returning to its previous state (to and will decrease in size after recovery but this occurs to a certain extent as the muscles are never the same. With decreased muscle tone comes incontinence and decreased sexual pleasure. Since the vaginal walls are weakened after childbirth it can be quite easy to have an accident when laughing, sneezing, and waiting too long to use the restroom (let’s not even think about waiting too long to get to a bathroom because you may end up peeing yourself). While these are all pretty normal occurrences for many women it is embarrassing and even humiliating to the point that they avoid intimacy altogether.

Furthermore, the hormonal changes also bring about vaginal dryness. Estrogen is the hormone that contributes to vaginal moisture and lubrication.  After you give birth, the amount of estrogen drops, causing less moisture and therefore making your vaginal tissue shrink and become thinner. If you are breastfeeding this dryness may continue.  All of these factors together and the result is decreased sex drive and issues in the intimacy department for both you and your partner.

A Safe Method To Tighten Your Vagina

Experiencing these shortcomings after giving birth does not mean you will be in the dark forever. You can take matters into your own hands by helping your vaginal muscles return to tip top shape. You probably heard about the infamous kegels and pelvic floor exercises to help tone the muscles in your vagina. These are a fantastic way to start paving the road to a fit vagina. Add a high-quality tightening serum into the mix and you have an effective way to restore vaginal tightness and moisture in no time.

We have found DermalMD Tightening Serum to yield those desirable results in a safe and effective serum. The serum works to promote feminine tightness and moisture to enhance sexual intimacy and pleasure. It also works to promote the production of both collagen and elastin which are responsible for firmness and stretchiness (thus creating muscle tone). If you have experienced dryness (most commonly occurring after childbirth and during breastfeeding) it can help restore moisture to make sex more comfortable and enjoyable. The serum is a safe alternative to vaginal rejuvenation because it is made from natural ingredients and is less invasive. Another great thing about the serum is that you can discreetly order it because after all, no one has to know about your lady business. We encourage you to visit the product page by clicking here.


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