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Aging is one of those inevitable things in life. We come into this world with baby-soft skin and as the years pass our skin’s ability to bounce back becomes slowly diminished and we are left with fine lines, wrinkles, loose and saggy skin, crows feet, parentheses on our faces, you name it. It is hard to age gracefully, and too often women resort to anything from moisturizers to expensive and painful injections or surgery. Some of these solutions offer a temporary fix with results that do not last because many of these popular products only work on the surface and does not dig deeper to the root of aging. On the other extreme others are left with a “cat face” or expressionless from Botox injections, facelifts, and other surgery. In order to make it so that our face does not define our age we need to understand the aging process what find a product that works with the skin; a product that will offer lasting results and not just a temporary solution.

Understanding the Skin’s Aging Process

Everyone’s skin ages at a different rate all thanks to our genes, hormones, environmental factors, and our unique lifestyle. Things like sun-exposure, pollutants in the air, our eating habits, and even our levels of stress have an effect on how our skin ages. Like all other organs in our body, the skin is made of up cells and with time they begin to die. Your skin’s inability to product elastin and collagen (the two agents for making your skin look young and firm) decreases. As the years we start see less of the youthful soft skin and more dead skin and lines because the skins cells are not able to regenerate as quickly with our aging bodies.

Preventing Wrinkles Early say “Early bird gets the worm”, the same goes with your skins ever-aging process. Your beautiful face is an investment and it is good practice to take care of your skin while you are still young, prepping it for the years to come. Applying that special serum religiously and with great love. But don’t fret if you did not start early, most of us don’t really worry about wrinkles and parentheses on our faces and all that good stuff until we start to really notice them flexing at us in the mirror. For those that didn’t start taking care of their faces in their younger days, it’s ok because you can start now.

Implementing a Natural and Effective Skin-care Serum

There is no doubt about it that when you visit the beauty aisle of any store, the shelves are stocked with product upon product claiming to help with wrinkles and promising a youthful appearance. Moisturizers, lotions, soaps, scrubs, pills, you name it and it is exhausting to look at all the options. For many surgery is just not an option either because it is expensive and painful. The key is to find a product that is not only natural and safe for your skin, but one that is actually formulated to tackle the underlying causes of aging. When a product understands that process, it produces something worthwhile and effective. DermalMD makes an Anti-Aging Serum that works at the cellular level to tackle wrinkles and helping your skin regain that youthful look. The serum helps to form new cells to help replenish the old ones. Additionally it encourages the production of collagen. You can learn more about their Anti-Aging Serum but visiting their website:

Leaving the Wrinkles Behind

Doing simple things like keeping your body properly hydrated and limiting your time in the sun can be a huge help. Making a conscious effort to breaking bad habits and relaxing every now and then also helps. You tie in all these little things with a serum like the one that DermalMD makes, and you have the perfect recipe to moving forward and feeling confident that you are playing your part in helping your skin look its best.

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