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Stretch Marks; those unsightly lines that plague our skin like a network of static electric lines that just won’t go away. They are such a dilemma because it seems like no matter what you do to try and make them go away they are stuck in place like a bad tattoo and always teasing you when you  just want to look your best. It can often make you feel self-conscious, embarrassed  and unattractive. Though commonly known to affect women during and after pregnancy, stretch marks affect men as well. Stretch marks can happen at any time in life and are actually very common, especially when rapid weight gain and rapid weight loss occur. In order to understand effective ways to reduce it we need to understand how and why they happen.

Why do Stretch Marks Happen?

Our skin usually has a good amount of stretch or elasticity to it, however when it is unable to adapt to rapid weight gain or weight loss, or recovery after pregnancy. They most commonly affect areas that are prone to rapid growth such as your arms, thighs, buttocks, breasts, and abdominal region. Have you every tried to stretch a rubber band? They can typically stretch pretty far, but if you pull one apart too fast and too far, it snaps. Similar to the rubber band  analogy is our skin. Collagen and elastin are the key proteins that help make our skin “bounce back” and maintain its healthy appearance. Collagen is responsible for your skin’s connective tissues and how they look, and elastin is responsible for helping your skin return to it’s position once stretched or pinched.  When the skin is overstretched, it disrupts the production of collagen and this is how you get those unsightly marks or scars underneath your skin. Furthermore, an inadequate blood supply makes it difficult for your skin cells to replenish, produce healthy cells, and the essential proteins to help your skin heal (this is typically seen when we are inactive for long periods of time, and another reason to keep our bodies moving instead of being couch potatoes).

Taking an Active Role in Preventing Stretch Marks

Weight loss, weight gain, and pregnancy are no doubt some common things to deal with, however the key to preventing stretch marks lies in moderation and taking an active role in your health. While sometimes it is inevitable during pregnancy to avoid rapid weight gain you can help take an active role by applying cocoa butter on your belly on a daily basis, taking walks and getting that blood circulating. Whether pregnant or not, maintaining a healthy diet can really make a different. Now, that is not to say that you can’t have your favorite candy bar or fast food once in a while, the key is everything in moderation. Exercise goes a long way too, and you don’t even have to push your body to go to the extreme (that can also back fire on you and your efforts to prevent stretch marks), any little bit helps to keep the blood in your skin circulating. Hydration is also very important as our body and organs thrive on it in order to function properly.

Having a Great Serum to Enhance your Efforts

Even if you tried preventing stretch marks by eating healthy, hydrating, exercising, and maintaining your weight and you still ended up with them (because lets faces, our bodies are ever changing as we live and grow) you can still reduce their appearance. When all else fails, having a great serum that you can count on can really help make a difference in that battle against stretch marks. DermalMD understands the underlying causes  of stretch marks and it is a great reason to have their serum work for you. Their stretch mark serum not only helps to moisturize but it helps to encourage the production of elastin and supplying more collagen to help your skin grow healthy and reduce the appearance of the stretch marks. It has so many benefits because it works on a cellular level and not just on the surface like other products. You can read more about their stretch mark serum through their website:

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