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As we age and go about our daily lives our skin’s ability to regenerate healthy cells and keep skin supple slows down.  Many stressors  contribute to dark circles under our eyes. To name a few, not getting enough rest, dehydration, allergies, too much exposure to sunlight, stress, and aging can wreck havoc on this sensitive area of our face. What we are left with is looking tired and older than we really are and that does not feel beautiful.  Often times we resort to make-up and other products to help conceal dark circles only to see them again once we wash off the make up. While getting rid of dark circles does not happen overnight(though it would be nice), there are many things you can do at home to reduce their appearance and help you look your best! Lets discuss how to get rid of dark circles. The key is DermalMD’s Under Eye Treatment and lot’s of self-care methods to safeguard from dark circles. Let’s take a look at these methods.

DermalMD’s Under Eye Treatment Serum is Eye-mazing!

DermalMD’s serum is a fantastic addition to your beauty regimen because of all of its added benefits. It will work with your skin to help you gain that beautiful well-rested face we desire. What we love most about this serum is that it does so much for your skin and at an affordable price. It not only helps with blood flow under your skin but it will also help to strengthen and tone your skin if it is thinned out this is done by encouraging the production of collagen. Additionally, it helps to heal your skin from damage and replenish nutrients. Many products we have seen usually tend to dry out your face or bring about allergies (which increases the puffiness under the eyes and makes things worse). With regular use DermalMD’s serum is an effective and painless treatment method to helping your face look radiant again. Learn more by clicking here!

Self-Care Tips to Try at Home

Taking care of yourself and your skin is imperative to keeping it healthy. It does not take a lot to keep a beautiful face. First of all make sure you are fueling your body with the nutrients it needs and keep hydrated throughout the day. Dehydration and too much sodium can wreck havoc on our skin. Not only does sodium and lack of water dry our skin, it can actually create swelling, especially under our eyes. Another good thing to keep in mind is to protect your skin from too much sun exposure. U.V rays trigger your skin to produce melanin (the pigment responsible for your skin color and gorgeous hair color) and this also contributes to darkening your skin. A good rule of thumb is if you are planning to be outside, wear protective clothing, apply sunscreen and limit your time in direct sun. Lastly, don’t forget to take care of you. We often get so caught up in the day-to-day that we forget to stop and take a breather. Reducing our stress levels and getting ample sleep helps our eyes and skin rest and therefore helping our cells regenerate.

By remembering to take care of ourselves and having the right serum for your skin, these little steps can boost your efforts to maintaining a beautiful youthful face for years to come.

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