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Wrinkles is one of those inevitable things that happen to everyone. Whether we like it or not there is nothing we can do about it since it is  the natural result of our aging skin and body. However, just because they happen does not mean we have to go into our later years with not remedy, While they cannot completely disappear there are ways we can slow down the process and make them less noticeable.

Understanding the Aging Process

In order to slow down the process of aging let’s first take a look at the process by which our skin ages and develops wrinkles. When we are young, our skin cells produce collagen a protein that helps to keep our skin firm and elastic. This is why when we are young our skin looks smooth and supple. During this time, our skin and cells are able to recover and regenerate these cells. Over time our skin cells produce less collagen and our skin is unable to regenerate cells as quickly. The collagen and elastin fibers in our skin break, thicken, stiffen, clump together, and overall lose their elasticity, or ability to stretch and bounce back. What you end up with are fine lines, wrinkles and other aging lines. Fast forward to our fifties and sisxties and the sebaceous (or oil) glands decrease in size and our skin becomes dry and easily damaged or broken. This process not only makes us look older but leaves us looking tired, unhealthy, and of course old.

Common Myths About Wrinkles

Some common myths about wrinkles is that only older people have wrinkles, that a wrinkle cream will make them disappear and that your diet and lifestyle do not affect wrinkles. You would be surprised at some of these myths. The truth is you can be well into the prime of your youth and be prone to wrinkles and premature aging. Exposing your skin to excessive sun, not eating healthy, not hydrating and stressing too much will do these things. Our lifestyle and maintaining our health is vital to look younger and slowing the inevitable process of aging.

Slowing Down the Aging Process: Some Tips

While we can not make wrinkles magically disappear, we can certainly take the steps to slowing down the process of skin-aging and appearance of wrinkles. The key is to be aware of our lifestyle and make some small changes. Making some adjustments to our diet, our sun exposure, and stress levels can make a big impact on the health of your skin cells. It is no surprise that eating nutrient rich foods is important, but keeping plenty hydrated will help foster the production healthy cells. When spending time outdoors, try to protect your skin as much as possible by applying sunscreen and avoiding sun exposure during the early afternoon hours. Furthermore, it is important to relax when you can. Many studies have found relationships between our declining health and stress. Stress makes us feel terrible and it makes us age faster. Take the time to take care of yourself, your body, mind, and skin will thank you! One last tip is to incorporate DermalMD into your skin-care regimen.

How DermalMD Helps

Skin-products out there boast the ability to make wrinkles completely disappear, and as we learned before, this is a myth. Some of these popular products make your skin temporarily looks plump and young but cause additional damage to your skin in the long run. DermalMD’s Anti-Aging Serum is scientifically formulated. What makes it such a great product to add to your skin care routine is that it works on the cellular level to help restore and maintain healthy cells. Some of the benefits include collagen production, exfoliating dead skin cells, moisturizing the skin, and helping to form new cells. What we find is a timeless product perfect for slowing down the aging process. Click here to read more about how DermalMD can help you slow down aging and wrinkles.

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