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Eyelash Growth Serum



The dream of having the perfect eyelash has finally been realized even without the use of extensions. DermalMD’s serum is one of the most effective serum around. DermalMD’s serum grows ultra-lush eyelashes as guaranteed with healthful ingredients to safeguard the eyelash from external irritants to keep them from breakage.

DermalMD’s laboratories have mastered the vital proprietary combinations of ingredients needed to produce the whole extract in eyelash technology. The serum extract helps short, weak and scant eyelashes achieve excellent results within days. Manufactured with the most delicate blend of extracts with a combination of essential vitamins to give desired results for the eyelash.

DermalMD’s Eyelash Serum technology offers:

I. Gentle and effective treatment for the eyelash
II. Vitamins and amino acids for luxuriant hair strands
III. Strength and fortification against damage even if it’s self-inflicted
IV. Increased hair volume for facial beautification.
V. Clinically verified safe solution without skin irritation.
VI. Perfect shine and curl
VII. Minimal daily application with a far-reaching result.

The serum extract ingredients have been tested by independent dermatologist and ophthalmologist to be safe for all. Developed by experts in the United States, trusted by hundreds the world over. DermalMD’s Serum Extract is medically verified and confirmed to stimulate growth.

The serum extract provides long-lasting remedies to eyelash defects and challenges. The serum boosts the importance of eyelashes because it gets better with the length. The result of Dermal is a healthy firm dark hair strand offering complete effect to eyelash breakage and growth.